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Show Notes: January 4, 2012

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Hour 1

- Conservatives huddle around candidates

- Business insider, Ron Paul may have won the caucus-- pack the convention delegates

- Gingirch to go negative

- Politico: Perry surprises staff stays in race

- Small number of votes in Iowa

- Erick Erickson: The truth about Iowa for-a-newtlear-attack/

- 320pm Guest: Craig Robinson The Iowa

- Chuck Muth analyzes  Iowa

- Nate Silver 538 analysis

- Romney squeaks out win, 8 vote win in Iowa

- Rematch in NH

Hour 2

- What is really at stake in this election!

- 100.3% debt to GDP

- Remember the working class abandoning Obama in Ohio!

- Reg Rozell

- AP medication shortages

- Remember Obama vowed jobs off of Obamacare

- Releasing the Taliban terrorists 

- Michelle Obama, "I like being called your excellency'

- Jimmy Carter offers Obama advice on how to avoid being a 1 term President

- Dems Target Romney after Iowa--- not shocking!

- MF'ers: Sold assets to Goldman before collapse

- Obama to GOP get outta the way

- Obma unprecedented power grab

- Cato hits Santorum

- Obama to release Taliban from Gitmo in peace deal

- LA Arson Story

- WEIRD Family

- Deputy who arrested arsonist a reserve getting paid 1 dollar a year 

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