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Show Notes: January 6, 2012

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Brown seeks 7% spending increase

Brown budget plans tax hikes,0,7553945.story?track=rss

WSJ on Jerry Brown 

Santorum surge to second in NH

Is this how Obama plans reelect, group with ties to Obama pushes 3rd party run

 Rasmussen NH: Romney 42  Paul 18
WT/JZ Analytics Poll: Romney at 38  Paul 24  Santorum 11

The Real Santorum is he saying what you need to hear? Contraception, Gay Marriage, Social Activism is it the right thing

NYT: Unclear voters have sway in NH


Obama issues an amnesty
Same Year Holder hits Voter ID laws
Harry Reid illegals pay off so do unions


Unemployment moves to 8.5%, U6 to 15.2%

20 Million unemployed/underemployed

Obama to launch Summer jobs initiative 

420pm Guest Rep. Paul Broun MD on Obama Economy   R- GA 10

Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today issued the following statement after the Department of Labor released their December jobs report showing the national unemployment rate to be 8.5%, and a net total of 200,000 jobs created.  When President Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, the national unemployment rate was under 7.8%, but the number has now exceeded 8% for 35 consecutive months.

"While the numbers released today are encouraging, Washington still has a lot of work to do and a long way to go before we can say that our economy has fully recovered.  Congress must continue to help small businesses grow and expand, and we can do this by providing certainty in the marketplace.  If we continue to pass short-term patchwork bills like the Payroll Tax Deal, our small businesses will be left wondering whether or not they can afford to hire more people, or if they can keep the employees they already have.

"Instead of petitioning Congress for yet another increase in spending and the debt ceiling, I urge President Obama to take a look at some of the bills we have passed that would truly create jobs and rein in spending.   A great start would be by making a positive decision on the Keystone Pipeline XL project that would almost immediately create 20,000 new jobs in America.  Only through continuous and sustained pro-growth policies will we see certainty in our markets, and a return to a steady, unwavering American economy." 

Gene Sperling no Keystone decision in 60

Consumer chief: LAT Richard, Consumer Chief gets right to work  

CFPB: Invititation Czar

Obama reduces time illegals must stay out of the country to win legal status

More here



Revisit Cal Budget

WTF- New Cali Corp Structure,0,552054.story  

Bears on the Border

Older and younger women lead in sexual satisfaction,0,834747.story

Romney steel skeleton in Bain closet


Revisit Jobs created

Zero Hedge on jobs

Rubio letter to Obama making us a Deadbeat nation

Chicago Tribune: Speaking of Free Marketeers

Hitting insider trading in Congress/Red State

Fresno: Man goes home after year in hospital

Obama prepares Trillion dollar mortgage refi?

Iranian Pres to Latin America 

Iran plans more maneuvers in Strait of Hormuz

Australian ‘stolen' car a ‘runaway'

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