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Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Hour 1


Romney likens work at Bain Capital to Auto Bailout (which he opposed) 


Candidates head to SC


Kamikaze Newt to SC


Mitt Wins


Romney flush with cash


Conservatives scramble to block Romney


Ron Paul to everyone but Mitt, ‘drop out'


California top earners dwindle


Volatility in Cap Gains hurt Brown plan


Hour 2


Wasserperson blames Tea Party for Giffords Shooting



Giffords survivor, Giffords makes me want to vomit



Michelle Obama angry at being called ‘angry, Black woman




Obama picks LaRaza activist for WH Post


Continues freeze on deportations



King of Bain


Imagine life without Wall Street


Lehman still has 40bn in unwinding to do


ECB saves the day






Hour 3



NH Poll workers hand out dead ballots


Revisit Romney comparing Bain to Auto bailout


Bloomberg to limit booze in NYC with Federal Grant?


Drunk Obama Uncle looks to investigate DUI Cop in Boston


Belafonte questions Obama second term


Animal rights wackos claim firebombing in SJ valley


US Denies killing Iranian Nuke Scientis with magnetic bomb


US rescues more Iranians at sea








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