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Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Hour 1


Debt Ceiling increase by 1.2 T


WAPO Report on Global Warming from 1911


Hosanna church and school v The EEOC


Lines of attack on Bain Outsourced Foreign companies



DeMint could be key in SC


The Hill poll Romney up by 2


The Truth about turnout numbers


3 billionaires drag out the race


SC will be Armageddon  nope its gonna be Foxboro that's Armageddon!


Call upon more respect for Ron Paul



 Hour 2


Romney at 41% in FLA 



Obama locks in on Romney


Guest 420pm Rep Joe Barton, R TX-06


Onslaught over KEYSTONE


New Cali Dept of Business Oversight


New Cali Benefit Corp

More on it

Even more 


Brown budget targets all those millionaires


Brown budget off by 3bn


Brown's budget nightmare


Hour 3


Oil Cos. Hit by fine for nonexistent fuel


DHS targets social media


OWS-DC abandons baby

GUEST 520pm  LX Fangonilo  from the SDSU Republicans targeted for their politics 


Retail sales anemic

IRS commits abuses—failure to let taxpayers respond


Obama raises 24 million

Karzai condemns US Marines

The Truth about In-sourcing v Outsourcing


LA Times Celebrates

Remittances from USA to Mexico Up 23bn


NYT Makes case for amnesty—illegals stopped coming

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