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The Roger Hedgecock Show Note for Wednesday January 18, 2012

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Hour 1


Obama kills Keystone XL


Debt Ceiling Vote


CNN Debate  GUEST forecasts


320pm Mark Preston CNN Political Director  on SC



Electorate split on Obama


Phil Kerpen don't let debt ceiling distract


Rasmussen 30-27 Romney/Gingrich





Palin if I were in SC I'd go with Newt—Audio


AD Income at Home


Hour 2


Jobs council says drill!


Hillary says, ‘No!'


Obama says more jobs in jobless benefits


Perry says Americans should be ‘unhinged' over this


420pm Guest Congressman Cory Gardner of Colorado  



Union bosses showing true colors in WI


Walker recall drive, riddled with fraud


435pm Guest Luke Hilgeman from AFP WI on Recall

Buffet blocks Keystone XL








SOPA protests

Wikipedia goes dark to protest SOPA

Obama to speak at BofA park—they support Mortgages for illegals

Revisit SC

Newt: If Romney wins SC, its over


Revisit Keystone

Iranians look to hit Us interests- in Gulf



Gun dealers on border must report multiple sales

Human head found under Hollywood sign

Sovereign debt

TSA apologizes for elderly strip search at JFK 

IMF seeks 600bn for Euro Bailout

Occupy Congress fails- hundreds show up

Smoke bomb thrown over White House fence




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