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The Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Hour 1


Obama aides 833k in back taxes


FLASHBACK targeting scofflaws overseas!

Obama agenda far from radical

Mitt moving up


FL Times Union: Romney +8




Wisconsin update: Dems fear Union Cash Drain in WI


Marquette breaks down voters on polls Walker wins



Jan Brewer fight—Brewer's book skyrockets


Brewer Facebook message



Obama Georgia Court Hearing




Deroy Murdoch photo id







Hour 2


The Right bombs Newt



Newt Insulted Reagan



Newt lied about ABC



Reelect Obama vote Newt



Left targets Sheldon Adelson



Taxpayers still owed 132.9 billion dollars from bailouts!


Obama plagiarized FORD AD: Built to Last



Cal AG not happy with 25bn Mortgage Shakedown Payout







Hour 3


Revisit Tax Scofflaws in Govt


Revisit Mitt up in FL


Panetta looks to cut 100k troops



Cops say Rand Paul Irate during detention


Video shows he is calm



Poll shows CA supports Jerry Brown Tax Hikes?



Mahmood: Let's talk


Former President John Tyler's grand kids are still alive!



Barney to marry Hot Bottom!


SD Cartels using teens to sling drugs




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