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The Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Monday, February 6, 2012

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Hour 1

WILL NYC give Giants a parade but not war vets?

Rubio leads charge over Obama

Sebelius we carving out exceptions 

Politico NO exemption for Hospitals/Universities

LA Times Abortion fight doesnt worry Obama camp

Obamas Gamble on Birth Control


Romney at 50%


WAPO Obama edge over Romney


Lois Capps says hike taxes for Transport Bill


Santorum polls  Newt Fades


WT: GOP Voters belie Conservative Mantle


Adelson: I will back Romney if Newt quits


Sharyl Atkisson hidden Mortgage Fee to pay for

Payroll Tax Cut for Life of Mortgage


Better jobs numbers may kill payroll tax cut extension


Obama V. Ryan Budget


Hour 2


Angela get audio

Ginsburg audio on Constitution


Eastwood: Halftime in America

Flashback: Taxpayers lose 1.3bn in Chrysler bailout flop

The Obama jobs deficit is: 10.5 million


New DHS Lexicon—pro-Second Amendment means you are a militia extremist


Roger in WND: California's Troubled Green Future

Oakland OWS: Urine at the media

PETA goes to court and tells Sea World in SD alleging release the Whales

LAT New scrutiny on San Onofre


SF makes 480 dollars for Red Light Violation; One camera generates 3m



Israel and Iran on verge of new 6Day War


Ayotollah: Kill all Jews Annihilate Israel


Obama falls into UN Trap


Tougher Obama sanctions


Obama edge over Romney








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