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The Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Hour 1


Feds shut down Amish farm fresh milk

School lunch seized in NC 

Obamanomics: 5 dollar gas

Obamanomics: Social Security runs dry in 2022

Obama may oust troops from military

Obama advisor wants ‘global minimum tax'

24million voter registrations have errors


Michelle Obama targets food in schools



Muslim Brotherhood wants aid and will cut off Peace Treaty





Hour 2



Boehner stimulus plan-- HWY plan

Payroll tax deduction bill -- decoupled tax cut with UI money extension/Docfix

Guest 420pm Pacific   Rep. Marlin Stutzman R IN

Do nothing Senate...list of bills 27? That have been ignored



Media Matters sought to hire private investigators to snoop into Fox News anchors lives

Media matters could be Jeremiah Wright of 2012


Coordinated with the White House


Hour 3


WHOA! Off duty cop pulls gun on pregnant woman for too many items in Express checkout!


Cal Public Employees Relations Board




Revisit 5 dollar gas



China electric cars more polluting than gas guzzlers



530pm  Law Professor Anthony T Caso

In a legal paper, set to be published Thursday, February 16, in Engage Magazine, Caso provides insight into an almost 30-year old initiative – passed by California voters to protect the environment – that in essence has become a get rich scheme for a select few.  A little known provision in Prop 65 has allowed a handful of attorneys and environmental groups to reap more than 140 million dollars (in ten years) at the expense of the state treasury.


Caso, who serves as associate clinical professor at the Chapman University School of Law in Orange, California, recently published an opinion piece that appeared in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal(s). 


 100m from Obama to Hamas 

Israeli jeans cause infertility

Russians faced nuke catastrophe

Iranian terrorists strike Bangkok

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