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The Roger Hedgcock Show Notes for Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Hour 1


Ron Nehring on Super Tuesday


Reagan was a sure loser too WSJ


Obama presser


Chevy volt euro car of the year

GOP vote to raise debt limit

Enterprise blog Jim Pethokoukis Obama recovery not a recovery at all


A war on women?
TSA apologizes for breast pump incident-MAKE OBAMA apologize he is willing to bow to savages in Afghanistan what about a mother....

Ewar on Rush
Kooks claim six more

Fluke V Rush is fight Obama seeks

Hour 2


Super Tuesday has 10 states up for grabs

Leftist claims Super Tuesday benefits Obama



Federal judge blocks Tucson Mexican American Curriculum

Commerce dept letter

Obama is not transparent; politico




Pro jihadist lawyer goes to DOJ

Holder speech on Anwar Awlaki

Flashback: Holder vowed to close Gitmo by election day?!


Holder sad about gun violence? Brian Terry?


Hour 3


EMP not if but when

Wikileaks: Bin Laden not buried at sea, brought to USA

Lulzsec busts

Heckuva job Barry: Al Qaeda mounts comeback in Iraq


Admin relies on Medicaid waivers to force Obamacare


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