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The Roger Hedgecock Show Notes for Monday, March 19, 2012

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Obama Power Grab


Obama issues Executive Order nationalizing everything




GM Takeover


Internet kill switch


Tier 3 on Gasoline


Obama spends 80k on photo Op in OK oil patch


Geithner letter on Gasoline being expensive


US cruises toward a 2013 fiscal cliff


Romney wins Puerto Rico



GUEST  336pm Scot Bertram at WROK Rockford


Holder brainwash on guns


Audio of Santorum endorsing Romney in 08


Romney up big in IL


ABC NEWS 66%  want  SCOTUS to overturn Obamacare


28% faith in SCOTUS


Krugman column







Pope to Cuba next week- no meetings with dissidents



The Tale of a greek entrepreneur and olives



Roger in WND: California Death Spiral



Bernstein LA Times: Brown tax deal cut between left and far left


420pm  Guest Dimension 1 Spas



Obama lags in High Dollar donors



Biden booed at St Patrick's parade in Pittsburgh 




Mourdock within 6 of Lugar





Highway Bill


Apple money overseas 65bn


Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs


Tea Party Rapist—vs. Kony 2012


Bloombeg no Kugel for you


Religion of Peace?



Cops in denial blame spree killer?



BBC on Muslims in Britain living according to Honor—Honor Killing


Obama: Cee Low Green F you before Obama speech



Rapper drops F Bomb and flips bird at Obama fundraiser

Link to video 




Schumer tries to get Brewer to testify



Baldwin: Inhofe belongs at Gay Bar




Holder: Brainwash Americans on guns




Occupy launches Spring Offensive in NYC


REVISIT: Obama issues Executive Order nationalizing everything



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