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The Roger Hedgecock Show notes for Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Hour 1


Obama to Afghanistan in surprise visit


SEALS slam Obama over Osama claims


Rejected: Only 11% agree with Obama that War on Terror is over


SD weak turnout


Occupy soggy start


Occupy taunted by workers


Occupy Wanted to bomb a bridge?



Obama pledges fidelity to big labor


Home ownership at 15year low



Middle class still sliding under Obama


Obama censor AFP







Hour 2


Victims of Communism day


WT: Obama slogan has deep Socialist ties


End of Commie Rule in China


Elizabeth Warren scrambles for proof of Native American heritage



GUEST 420: Rep Nan Hayworth NY 19 employers dropping families from Health Care due to Obamacare



Wind farms warming the earth



Trayvon beating in Norfolk


What about the other failed bailout to be?


Hiding the failure till 2013



Norman Ornstein stop covering the GOP fairly


Cantor doesn't want you he wants Dems


Dick Lugar voting record










Hour 3


Newt is out




Nude is in….Secret Service hooker to pose nude


Finally an explanation on the blackout of 2011—poor coordination?


Lowell Ponte on Obama's grand illusion




SEALS slam Obama over Osama claims





Human Events: Are Bush tax cuts behind the Obama malaise


Obama embraces Islamism WT



GA Tech helped in leak of sensitive intel docs


Shovel Ready? 20 ton Czech bridge stolen by miscreants


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